Sunday, 18 May 2014

Makeup Brush Cleaning

It has been said many times that deep cleaning makeup brushes is the bane of any beauty lover's life. I clean mine at least once a week however, finding the best way to get rid of all the grime and makeup has taken a while. Picking up lots of tips and trying a couple of different shampoos has ensured a fail safe routine which I have broken down into steps below. 

Step 1 - Oil 

Olive oil is great to use before washing your brushes to break down the makeup and dirt. Put a spoonful of oil in a small bowl, dip your brush into the oil and swirl it around in the palm of your hand. Squeezing the brush and adding a drop of hot water will dislodge any stubborn makeup. You may need to do this a couple of times.
This is a tip I saw on one of Anna Saccone's vlogs (you really have to check out their vlogs, I am hooked). I decided to try it and it worked so well that it's become a permanent part of my routine. 

Step 2 - Shampoo

When most of the makeup is removed from your brush, dampen one of your hands with warm water and place a blob of your chosen shampoo into your palm. Take your brush with your other hand and swirl it around in the soap until you can see the excess makeup coming loose. Squeeze the brush to release the dirt and to get rid of any soap suds.
For this I like using Johnson's baby shampoo, a regular anti-bacterial soap or any of Dr Bronner's Liquid Soaps

Step 3 - Rinse

When the suds turn clear with no sign of makeup left in the bristles, rinse your brush under warm running water. Be sure it's not too hot as I think this can affect the bristles. This is difficult when you have a hot tap and a cold tap... I leave both of them running and jump between the two when things get too hot! Point the brush head down into the water to ensure that no water gets into the handle. Squeeze the shampoo and water out of the brush as many times as it takes until all of the shampoo and makeup has washed out. When you think it has all gone, swirl the brush in your palm to see if any suds are left, if so rinse and repeat.
I usually repeat this step a couple of times to make sure the oil has also been rinsed out. 

Step 4 - Leave to dry

Drying brushes is a difficult task! I've tried so many ways and this one works for me. Lay your brushes on a rolled towel and leave to dry. Always roll the towel under a couple of times so there is a slope, making sure the brushes are on a gradient with the head pointing toward the flattest part. This is so that water does not get into the handle as the brush is likely to shed if the glue gets wet. I usually leave my brushes to dry overnight and reshape them throughout the process. Come morning they are ready to use.

This little cleaning routine has made washing my brushes quicker, easier and weirdly a bit more exciting. How do you wash your makeup brushes? Do you have any tips I could use?

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Body Shop Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils have always intrigued me but never enough to try one for myself. The opportunity rose to grab this at a fraction of the price - you know The Body Shop's 40% off flash sales? Yep, it got me. 
Removing makeup with a cleanser has never appealed to me, I don't find they break down makeup very well therefore micellar waters, or the like, have always been my remover of choice. Makeup removal is made effortlessly simple when using a cleansing oil. They make complete sense now I have used one. Have you tried one?
Simply dispense 2-3 drops of the oil into the palm of your hand, rub gently together and slather onto dry skin. Gently rubbing over the eyes and eyelashes ensures complete removal of even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Using a damp warm flannel softly wipe away the makeup mess on your face. There is no oily residue left on the skin, nor the tight or drying feeling you get when using other makeup removers. The camomile ingredient helps to soothe your skin and makes it perfect for even the most sensitive types. 

I could not recommend this product enough. I mostly use the oil to remove a full face of make-up as it breaks down so easily however, you can use it on a daily basis. 

What is your favourite product from The Body Shop?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now

I love Soap & Glory - their body care is something I've used for a long time and always find myself recommending it when someone is in search of a good body scrub or moisturiser. In the last year or so I've even dabbled in their makeup, I particularly love both the Glow All Out highlighter and Solar Powder bronzer. Something I never would have thought to look at Soap & Glory for is skincare. But I'm glad I started with this.

The Bright Here Bright Now Instant Radiance Energy Boost Balm (whopper of a name) is a brightening moisturising balm that smooths over the skin, making it radiant and illuminating. Although it has been labelled a balm, it has more of a gel-like consistency, thicker than a normal moisturiser but not akin to that of a balm texture. The light balm can be used as the last step of your skincare routine, over the top of your normal moisturiser, or mixed in with your base of choice. 
I have been using this in place of my normal moisturiser on days when I need help to make my skin look brighter and more radiant. Providing a boost of moisture, the balm energises the skin giving it a subtle glow. I have been braving the makeup-less look a lot recently due to doing a practical module at University and this balm gives me the confidence to do so. Smoothing over any imperfections, it blurs my scarring, evens out my skintone (especially those dark circles) and adds some life to otherwise dull skin. It is also lovely to use as a base for makeup offering more of a dewy finish. The brightening properties have somehow managed to keep me looking fresh and awake after a night on the town. Application feels soothing and refreshing due to its minty scent. 

For more dry skinned gals I would say to use this alongside your normal moisturiser, however if you have more normal or oily skin then foregoing your moisturiser would do no harm. Bright Here Bright Now is on offer for £8 at the moment instead of £12!

Have you tried any skincare from the Soap & Glory line?